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PoTD : So cute!! *adila dah jatuh hati~*

finally I’m done with exams! for my 2nd year je la hehe
nearly 1 month of exams! urghhhhh!

anyway, I’m so relieved! lega sgt2! ehe~
my last paper was at 2.30pm and ended at 5pm
habis je, i cabut balik rumah, angkut Niko and went out with sis 😛
..obviously we went makan and lepak at Victoria Park! wehuuu~ (mencari ice cream!)

lori ice cream feveret! pak cik tu pun dah kenal kitorang haha


then sambil makan sambil lepak atas rumput hehe
and the cute boy datang kat kitorang
sis tgh main skipping rope; so that interest him hehe

comel nye budak ni! geram tengok dia! hehe
seriously i want to try taking portrait of infants and kids! sgt mencabar!
i didn’t take much pictures today as i planned to lepak2 je (a few of gambar langit, aeroplane yg lalu lalang haha and oh SWAN PICTURES!)

off topic…
guess what? 😀
3 of my pictures which i entered for a photography competition in my uni got shortlisted as the TOP 10 in each category!
top 10 is good enough if i don’t have what it takes to win 😀 (seriously.. yg lain2 sgt cantik!)
skrg the voting tgh on until 2 june to choose the top 3 and 3 runners up
the vote tak open to public 😦 only students and staffs je yg can vote

i think i showed the pictures before..
anyway, i’ll show it again 😛 haha *excited weh!*

Untitled-1 copy

i told mom about it and mom was like… ni nak lens baru la ni kan?
ngeeee~ tau2 je mom ni. i loike~

so lepas ni.. crash course in photography! ngehehehe~

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    • wakakaka diorg tanak pengundi hantu kot hehe
      bdak tu mcm ko? pehhhhh prasan WAKAKAAK
      ye la ye la mcm ko =P ngehehehe

    • tau xpe
      lame giler!!!

      tu yg skrg sgt legaaaaaa!! haha
      tp kan.. cam xtau nak buat ape plak WAKAKA
      slalu bgun2 tido je kalut study last minute sblm exam
      skrg ni bgun2 je.. errr xtau nak buat ape la WAKAKAKAKAK

      ade gak yg nak kene sekeh ni hohohoh

  1. dah dah.. dah abis exam tu bawak2 ler balik ke sini.. boleh pekena ayam nara.

    kalau tak der model nak tangkap gambo tu.. jangan risau. mazakan ada!


    • lagi sbulan baru saya balik eheheh
      cuti lame sgt.. 4 bln
      so saya stay dgn sis kat sini sbulan pastu 3 bln lagi kat mesia OHOHOHOHOHHO

      maza blaja la buat ayam nara
      nnt leh serang rumah maza je ngehehehehe

      p/s: wah ade model offer diri
      bes ni!
      model dgn motor besar
      mantap! sure bes giler nih!

      • erk! kalau maza buat ayam golek tu, hmm bukan lagi boleh dipanggil ayam golek nara.. itu ayam maza golek.. aderkkk..


        sebaik landing, jgn lupa k…

  2. wahahahahah.. pandai bodek.. wish you all the best for the phtography competition Adila! 😉

    and i like the portrait of that boy..

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