Happy Teachers Day!


PoTD : at Regents Park

3 more days before my exams
stress? I AM! it feels like i haven’t study anything
mom told me to chill la; since it’s not that i don’t study
more like… terover gelabah since i got 3 papers in a row next week (super menakutkan!)
so yeah, i won’t be around that much la (need to use the laptop since i have programming exams, so i need to check if my codes work of not etc etc)
ahh… rasa sgt depress la 😦 i need to snap out of it!

anyway since it’s teachers day, i’d like to say..


Cikgu Fauziah Hanim Ghazali
– ngeee~ my mom pun cikgu jugak haha

Cikgu Fatimah Yahya
– my cikgu time darjah 1. my teacher, my first best friend hehe (i anti social so cikgu yg kawan dgn i time i mula2 masuk skolah dulu). it’s been a while since i last contacted her; she retired when i was in standard.. 2? 3? something like that
i was still in touch with her until 2 years ago; the last time i gave her a ring was before i fly to london
before this, was keeping in touch through letters, cards etc (sweet kan? hehe)

All cikgu2 SMKDSO
– Cikgu Salmiah, Cikgu Salmah, Teacher Kamaliah, Sir Ong n semua lah! cikgu memang best!
pic : Hari Anugerah 2006 (right); English Debate Competition (left)

not to forget, my teachers/lecturers/professors now as well 😀
pic : with friends on the last day of the foundation course

you guys made me into what i am today

Mak cakap CIKGU macam MAGGI, makan masa susah
Ayah cakap CIKGU macam D’SEEKERS‘, menakutkan
Atuk cakap CIK
GU macam ASTRO, macam2 ada
Saya cakap CIKGU macam L’OREAL, kerana dirimu begitu berharga

Cikgu Salmiah punya ayat ni
best giler kan? haha

p/s: i need chocolate! badly! super stress! mau nangis je rasa! urgghh!!! unstable emotions!! 😦
and oh, i got a job interview in another 2 weeks time haha


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  1. erk! banyak2 perkataan kat atas tu, maza dapat kesani tak stabil emosi iteww…

    nak ke maza pujukan?

    meh meh sini ala bucuk2 tak gosok gigi.. huhuhu (sambil depangkan tangan)


  2. slm…saya mintak maaf ,,,xdan nak buat rumusan pasal komen2 mengenai hari ibu tu…lagi pun saya dah nk habis praktikal nie,,maklum lah sibuk ckit time cmnie…,,,,insyaAllah skit masa lg saya akan buat rumusan mengenai isu itu…tq

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