3 down 4 more to go! GO ME!


DSC_0732 copy
PoTD : Pooley House; one of my uni student hall – where you’ll get fire alarms as early as 3am or so, few times a week (or worse,few times in A DAY!) haha

i just had my 3rd paper half and hour ago haha
super lega! it was on signals and systems theory which is not my favourite lol (memilih la pulek~)
next paper would be on this 13 (wed! alamak!!!) so i’ll try not to syiok terlebih and main macam org dah habis exam hehe

anyway, this is a day late as i tried to study, not play around yesterday haha for exam sake; but still…


to all mothers out there!! 😀

hari2 is mothers day


p/s: ahhh mau chocolate!! stress laaaaa!!! 😦 byk lagi exam ni~ aiyo!
and oh.. i just know something yesterday. something shocking and got me emo a bit (pe kes emo time mau exam plak kan? seriously gila la!)
anyway, MAU PEGI TIDO!!! siang2 tido mlm2 berjaga! ngeee~ gnite!

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  1. rumah sebelah maza telah diganggu makhluk asing!

    Tapi tidak boleh nak disahkan lagi selagi makhluk itu tidak ditangkap gambonya…

    toyol tersebut sudah rembat beribu2 RM…

    jadinya nak mintak bantuan adilla..

    “Pinjam Kamera?”


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