Daily Archives: May 7, 2009

2 down! 5 more to go!


i just had my 2nd paper just now haha
so obviously skrg uber hyper!
legaaaaaa sgt dah lepas paper tadi tu

my next paper would be on monday, 11 may on signals n systems theory

anyway, since i rasa sgt lega (duh! baru lepas 2! 5 more ALAMAKKK!!!) i ended up editing some of the pictures which i took a day before my birthday haha
agak tension so went out utk ambik angin; ended up pekena ice cream 2 cones! NGIAHAHAHAA pak cik jual ice cream tu pun dah kenal muka aku ni hehe

that day, the weather was so-so
pretty much the sky wasn’t looking that good; was cloudy but.. errr macam mau hujan je~ 😦
but still, it put some effect on my pictures 😀

i must say.. weeks not playing with Niko, i absolutely has become rusty! 😦

more pictures in my facebook hehe

p/s: i guess i’ll put 1 pic per post next time xD