Officially 21!


..well, to be exact, I’m 21, 2 days years old haha
gosh! that feels OLD!!! ALAMAK!!!

anyway, since i couldn’t get connected to the internet for 3 days obviously i can’t put up this post right on my birthday haha (and i was lazy to go into uni just to use the internet)
but all in all, it was all good πŸ˜€ at least i could study without using the internet haha
seksa! no way i want to go through that again!

the reason was because my physical address was changed! (MAC address kan? haha)
i have an exam on that sort of thing (MAC, Ethernet, Network Management etc etc – seriously the past years papers are ridiculously hard! i was struggling to do those during the internet-less days)


anyway, i had a blast day on my birthday πŸ˜€
got the birthday cards from mom and sis and not to mention present from sis yg i super like!! hehe (the shirt yg i wear tu πŸ˜› – sis ckp, photographer kena pakai mcm tu baru rawk! haha)
.. well, i opened those an hour before it’s 12 3 May haha
and, at 12, mom called. sgt terharu!!!
mom, dad and bro sang me bday song!!! wheeeeeee~

then the next day, went out with sis for a little celebration hehe
we went for lepaking, revising, “tengok org” at Hyde Park πŸ˜€
it was such a lovely day! the sun was bright! and it was hot! (ok.. not that hot, it got chilly once in a while; sis bawak her skipping rope, so we jump like.. random??!! just to panaskan badan when it got cold HAHAHAHA)

we had lunch there; got pizza and cake; and makan sampai xleh sumbat! hehe
we were there for a few hours hahaha (around 3.30? until 7.30 πŸ˜› )
then we had this random thought of wanting to take the boat ride! haha
an hour berkayuh, sambil photoshooting on it, a good day, lovely clouds, what else could i wish for? πŸ˜€

then for dinner, we went to try this new malaysian restaurant called “sukaramai”
sis and i had ais kacang and chicken chop msian style hahaha (teringin dowh!)
it was alright though even though restoran Mama punya chicken chop lagi mengancam! hehe

YEP! i had a great day!
thanks for all the wishes!
berlambak dkt facebook and i’m so touched!!
terharu giler!! ingatkan this year would be a quiet and forgotten one hehe (this is my 3rd yr celebrating my bday DURING exam period) but obviously this year is the best one!
especially when celebrating with the loved one πŸ˜› NGIAHAHAHAAHA tetiba ade unsur2 gay di sini~ πŸ˜›

anyway, 2 days to go before my exam
wish me luck! (totally in need of those since even though i like this subject, the past years exams questions are so so so so hard which made me feel like i didn’t read a thing! 😦 )
and also, i’m trying to get this job as a tutor/web designer which i’m going to call him after this
just hope that i could get the job

edit: opps not sure if i got it. it’s on teaching html (i suppose – what other basic web design is there? lol) and it’s for GBP15 per hour (is GBP15 expensive? cheap? errr i’m not sure because this is my first time lol. i have no experience in teaching so it’s rather odd to ask for a lot.. lagi pulak kalau ajar not as expected, kan? i think it’s reasonable and cheap kot – give me some advice people? what’s the normal price eyh?) the location is not far, 4 stops away from my place

they’ll confirm it in another 2 days or so..
i have 1 month doing NOTHING before going back to Malaysia, so yeah, i’m trying to get a job or something to do hehe
exam habis end of may, i balik some time end of june hehe

need to plan what to do la if cant get this job *sigh*

hopefully happy days will last forever! πŸ˜€

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  1. hepi belated besday my dear dila itteww.. thanx for your constant support to blog of en_me yg ittewww.. keep it up

    salammm dr me dikejauhannns..

  2. Laaa…….. Happy Birthday Adila !!

    Moga2 terus berjaya, dapat kerja best, dapat hubby smart dan kaya, dan bahagia selamanya….. he he he………..

  3. Happy belated birthday Adila.. Wah dah ‘sweet’ 21 yek… nekcun masa umur ni dah nak beranak sorang!… hehehe… Anyway, please make full use of your life wisely while you have the time to do it… Think wisely, act wisely…

  4. hi adila! happy belated birthday to you.. i am so sorry for not visiting your blog for quite some times. and today i just knew about this blog from sayyid πŸ™‚

    so you are now moving out from for real ke?

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